Declining of France Healthcare System

The Health Care in France is one of the few universal health care system mainly financed by the government and it 2000, the World Health Organization declared that it was the country who was closest to providing the best overall health care to its citizens as it spent approximately U$D4,000 per capita per year for each citizen to ensure goof health, much higher that the figure of any other country in the world.

Citizens are obviously happy with this system because the government regularly pays about two thirds of any treatment as it covers remedies and taxi rides. The health care system increased life expectancy and decreased infant deaths. But in 2013, France healthcare system started to go down due to two main reasons, the recession the country is experiencing and due to the increase of chronic diseases as diabetes.

Today, the Health Care System in France is exceeding its budget by billions, but the government have always kept steady with the system but it does not rule out to make a few reforms. With the new elections in France in which Emmanuel Macron has won, there are great expectations on what is going to happen to the health system that has always served as an example to the world.

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